Finally, an OMRI-listed pyrethrin-based insecticide! PyGanic contains a pyrethrin formula specifically developed for use on organic crops and ornamentals. It provides rapid knockdown and killing of more than 40 plant pests. Apply 4. Consider application in early morning, late evening or during the night.

Reduced UV exposure and lower temperatures will increase performance and reduce impact on pollinators.

Close search. Shop for your Cool Season Seeds! Item Number: PBT Pyrethrin-Based Contact Insecticide. Ships from Northern CA. What You May Need:. Shipping calculated at checkout. Quantity must be 1 or more. Add to cart. Added to cart! View cart. Pests controlled include aphids, beetles, caterpillars, cucumber beetles, flea beetles, Harlequin bugs, thrips, and more! PyGanic is approved for use on over fruits and vegetables and may be applied on the day of harvest.

According to the manufacturer, it is non-persistent in the environment. Characteristics Organic Status :. Active Ingredient : Pyrethrin. Application Frequency : Multiple Application. Application Season : Fall. Application Season : Spring.Implement these organic prevention and control strategies to reduce pest populations in your vegetable crops. Whether you are a conventional or an organic vegetable producer, an integrated pest management IPM strategy for the modern farm includes a multifaceted approach consisting of prevention and control to reduce pest populations below threshold levels.

Prevention tactics include cultural control as well as pest exclusion systems suitable for small and large operations. Proper pest identification and scouting are critical initial steps that form the basis of a successful IPM practice.

Indiscriminate use of conventional or organic insecticides has resulted in many cases of insecticide resistance. While insecticides should always be the last resort, sometimes they are needed. Consider organic options that are low-persistence products designed to be environmentally friendly.

These can be used in a program of rotations and tank-mixes that work synergistically to control insect pests. On-farm testing is recommended to help you gain experience in using new premix insecticides or rotations according to the insecticide label. Always maintain good spray records and compare multiyear observations for developing a long-term IPM plan.

How To Do It Right With John - Spider Mites Pest Control

Always check the expiration date on the package and the product quality before mixing. Consult product labels for primary tank-mixing instructions. To prevent corrosion, do not store insecticide mixes in spray tanks.

Wash application equipment thoroughly after use to prevent cross-contamination and accidental crop damage due to misapplication. The rectangular slide chart offers sustainable IPM recommendations for more than twenty major vegetable insect pest species. It provides a good starting point for beginning or transitioning growers. To obtain a free copy of the slide chart, email bugdoctor auburn. Xentari Bacillus thuringiensis subsp.

PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 1.4 II

Based on past research on cabbages, Dipel Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. This tank-mix can significantly reduce damage to crops such as tomatoes that are close to harvest in low pest-pressure regions.

Proper insecticide rotation can reduce costs by reducing the application frequency of expensive products and by targeting multiple species. Good insect control has been seen by alternating selective insecticides with a broad-spectrum product.

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Always check the need for additional spray applications to reduce undesirable environmental effects. Incorporating selective insecticides in a rotation schedule encourages natural enemy populations to rebound after using harsher products.

For example, using Bt products first on leafy brassicas is a good strategy when population pressure is low.PyGanic is the organic insecticide proven to get rid of hundreds of common garden pests.

Since then, it has earned the trust of professional farmers and gardening experts. Benefits of Pyganic Gardening: Made from botanically-derived active ingredient Pyrethrin. Quickly gets rid of common pests like aphidsbeetlescaterpillarsfruit fliesmites and thrips and hundreds more. Naturally breaks down in sunlight. Can be applied the same day fruits and veggies are picked.

OMRI listed accepted for organic gardening.

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This potent formulation is made from the same pyrethrins base and is recommended for knockdown and control of commercially damaging crop and livestock pests. Suggested Uses: For use to rapidly knockdown and kill over listed pests. This includes aphids, beetles, caterpillars, crickets, fruit flies, mites, thrips and many more. Please see manufacturer's label under the MSDS tab for the complete list of insects.

For a complete list of all targeted insects please see manufacturer's label under the MSDS tab. Spraying should begin when the insects first appear. Do not wait until the plants are heavily infested.

Kills only at the time of application. Listed insect pests must be directly contacted to be effective. Use spray equipment that will provide the best coverage and direct contact with as many insects as possible.

For larger gardens, apply fluid ounces per acre by ground in sufficient water for thorough coverage.

pyganic mixing instructions

Do not exceed the maximum application rates of 1. Apply diluted solution with all types of agriculture sprayers, including compressed air sprayers or pump driven sprayers. Mix only enough for immediate use. Storage: Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or disposal.

Keep this product in its tightly closed original container when not in use.One of the hottest selling broad spectrum insect controls that has a fast knockdown and kills pests.

May be used on all growing plants, indoors and outdoors. Zero pre-harvest interval. Can be mixed with certain pest controls. Low odor, non corrosive pyrethrin liquid.

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Storage: PyGanic concentrate should be stored in a dark cool location. Excessive heat and sunlight will breakdown the product as well as the product freezing over the winter.

Can PyGanic be tank-mixed with other products? Yes, PyGanic is frequently used in combination with other crop protection products such as Bacillus Thuriengensis, Azadiractin, Spinosad, Neem Oil, and a host of other additives, fungicides, nutrients, surfactants and penetrants. PyGanic provides benefits such as quick knockdown and killing of insects, broader spectrum of control, and resistance management benefits to these types of products.

We are aware of numerous studies that demonstrate tank-mixing certain types of these products with PyGanic will slightly increase the level of insect control. We have not seen enough information to recommend specific brands. Your best source of this type of information may be the manufacturer of the additive.

As with any penetrant, wetting agent and surfactant, we recommend small scale testing be conducted in order to ensure these products will not injure your crops. Always be sure the water is within the pH range of 5.

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Adjust your water pH before you add product to it. Use a ULV, ultra low volume fogger at the rate of 2. Be sure to close up all doors and windows beforehand. Keep closed for 15 minutes. One of the hottest selling broad spectrum insect control that has a fast knockdown and kill pests.You can buy PyGanic Gardening products on multiple e:commerce sites; Amazon.

Apply the product when you see pest present that you want to control. Pest can be present at any time during the growing season. The product does not have any residual killing so it will not last long enough to be a preventative. Yes when you spray it directly on the beetle it will kill them. Make sure the read the label rate for Japanese beetles and mix the concentration to that level.

To ensure proper distribution of the product we recommend using the product within 24 hours of mixing it with water. While the PyGanic Gardening label allows for applications to crops that can be ingested or consumed such as mint, hops and herbs, the US EPA prohibits cannabis from being listed as an approved crop on any registered insecticide.

All MGK products are tested at label rates to ensure that they do not damage plants and their blooms. Make sure to read the correct label rates needed and follow all application instructions.

Earthworms are important model species for assessing the non-target toxicity of active ingredients. In general, Pyrethrins active ingredients in PyGanic Gardening Gardening have a very low acute toxicity to earthworms even when directly incorporated into the soil. In summary, under the application rates prescribed on the label, PyGanic Gardening will not have negative impact on earthworms in the soil.

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Pyrethrin is an insecticide and not a soap. It kills certain insects by affecting their nervous system. It is derived from Chrysanthemum, considered safe, and has been used for thousands of years. MGK also sells Azera products that includes the active ingredient in neem oil, Azadirachtin. PyGanic Gardening can be used on flowers and flowering vines. However, using the product when beneficial insects are around could be harmful.

Best to apply early morning or late evening when these types of insects are not around. Proper use of our products can minimize risk to beneficial insects like bees and other pollinators.

These instructions include how to mix the product, how to apply it and proper time to use it. Over the years it has been used by farmers and home owners.

pyganic mixing instructions

So you can spray, then pick your bountiful garden in 24 hours! We care about the risks to plants and flowers as well. Our labels have clear mixing and application instructions to help make it easy to kill the insects but protect your plants. Accepted for Organic Gardening. Quickly gets rid of common pests like aphids, beetles, caterpillars, fruit flies, mites and thrips and hundreds more.

Naturally breaks down in sunlight. Can be applied the same day fruits and veggies are picked. Where can I buy PyGanic Gardening products? When is the best time during the growing season should I apply PyGanic Gardening? Does PyGanic Gardening kill scale bugs? If applied during the crawling stage immature stage it will be effective on scale bugs. How long is PyGanic Gardening good for after mixing with water? Is it safe to use PyGanic Gardening on cannabis plants? Is PyGanic Gardening harmful to blooms on plants and flowers?

Will PyGanic Gardening kill earthworms in the soil?The main difference between them is the amount of active ingredient they have. It is not labeld to be used as a soil drench application and we recommend contacting the manufacturer MGK directly at for more information. This would be a good alternative option rather than treating your crops directly. Keep in mind that this can be a difficult pest to treat, and you generally will need to rotate products if you need several subsequent treatments.

This Florida Extension article has more details about treating and understanding this pest. This can be used both indoor and outdoors, and is a great product for spider control as well as over other insects that are on the label. You will use 1. While the link is for Washington state, some of the products used might be able to be used.

Pyganic EC 5.0 Insecticide (Quart)

Another option is to check with your local agricultural department for the best recommendations. You can also reach your local cooperative extension office. According to the manufacturer, they have not done testing on orchids in particular, however, because it is labeled for flowers, there should be no problem. We would recommend testing a small amount first to see what the effects of the product are on your orchids. Per the label you will use 1. This product is used for the treatment and prevention of the labeled insects in greenhouses, on outdoor growing crops and ornamental plants.

For interior roach control for residential applications, we recommend applying the products in our Roach Control Kit. We recommend that you contact your local cooperative extension office for further eradication methods. Outside of this range, pyrethrins can degrade and the product will lose its effectiveness. Please refer to the product label for complete application instructions.

pyganic mixing instructions

Displaying 1 to 20 of 21 questions. Asked by Oscar from Helotes, Tx. Pyrethin is a non-selective insecticide which means that any insect that is contacted with the insecticide will be killed. You can help limit this effect by only applying the product when bees and butterflies are not currently visiting the area that needs to be treated.

Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No. Asked by Jerry from Berrien Springs, Mi. What is the difference between PyGanic 1. I plan to use it on organic pears and peaches for general insecticide and wonder which product is best suited for this use.

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