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55cc bike motor

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Dirt bikes are safe for kids as long as they are sized appropriately. You should ensure your kids are equipped with the necessary safety gear even as you supervise them on their bikes.

A 50cc dirt bike is the smallest gas-powered motorcycle in the market making it ideal for kids between the ages of You can start your juniors off with training wheels, and remove them once their ability level progresses. Choosing a 50cc dirt bike for your child should begin by looking at models from reputable brands. Brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, Honda, and Kawasaki have done plenty of research on safety for kids over the many years they have been in the market.

The seat height is another important factor. Yamaha PW50 source. Yamaha first introduced this model in under the name Y-Zinger. It was named the PW50 in and has since enjoyed prominence in the mini-dirt bike segment.

This durable dirt bike is packed with tons of safety features and will get your child started in the sport. It is powered by a small 50cc engine that is torque-turned for efficiency.

This two-stroke and oil-injected motor delivers a moderate level of power for your kid to enjoy. The bike has a throttle-control function that parents can use to limit the top speed of their children. You can adjust the pace as they gain more experience on the road. The PW50 is also incredibly lightweight at 82 pounds as its polypropylene bodywork combines low weight and maximum strength.

Your kid will also be excited by the sporty style of this bike, thanks to its white racing number backgrounds set on a blue racing body.

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Yamaha has promoted user-friendliness with this model. A length of 49 inches and a 4. The bike is equipped with wide, folding footpegs and thick seat cushions with extra grips for safety. There is a heat shield on the exhaust for added safety, and the pipe is set near the engine for extra ground clearance.In the end, most of the 50cc dirt bikes are excellent and there are very few differences between them.

Kids who are years old can also ride their old 50cc bike, but at 8 years-old, they would more properly fit a larger bike. However, this depends on their individual height and strength.

This is for buying the bike new. Disc brakes on the front and back, adjustable handlebars, liquid cooling with a radiator, inverted front forks, and other features make this act like a higher-end bike, but on a smaller scale.

However, 2-stroke has advantages such as low-end grunt. If a friend or neighbor were to ask me what 50cc dirt bike to get, my short answer would be to get a Honda CRF Time and time again when I hear from experienced riders, they say they put their kids on a CRF The kick start is mostly for that parent.

The Honda CRF50 and the Yamaha TTR50 are the most popular options because they are incredibly reliable, reasonably priced, and are set up with similar controls to an adult bike so the kid can easily progress to bigger bikes as he or she grows. In almost every other respect, however, the CRF50 is basically identical to the Yamaha. The Yamaha TTR50 is a very reliable and well-built dirt bike at a reasonable price. We have had a good experience with the TTR I taught my son to turn off the bike with the key and to never use the kill switch.

There is no kick start on this bike. So the benefit of the kick starter is really only for an adult to start the bike for the kid if the battery fails. Check out my full review of the Yamaha TTR Suzuki makes some great dirt bikes that are comparable to the Yamaha and Honda in every way.

Best of all, Suzuki puts electric start and kick starters on their bikes just like Honda. Thank you, Suzuki!

4 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kits

The bikes are almost identical in the size although the TTR50 is actually 1. The TTR50 is a beefier 4-stroke. The SSR bikes are the cheapest dirt bikes out there. They are basically lawn mowers with wheels. While the quality of an SSR is simply not on the level of a bike from the major manufacturers, it still could be a great option for you. I heard from one guy who bought one and after almost a year of almost daily use, it had only broken a few minor things, which would be the same as any Honda or Yamaha.

Not everyone has a bad experience with these bikes. Very little.

55cc bike motor

They are generally reliable and easy to maintain. However, 50cc bikes use much thinner tires than most dirt bikes, so it is more likely to get a flat on them than on some other dirt bikes. Dirt bikes—especially the 50cc bikes—generally hold their value very well. Anyone with experience knows that these bikes run just fine for more than a decade with minimal maintenance, so people are glad to save a little money from the new price.For year-olds a 50cc needs to be restricted to travel at speeds of no more than 28mph.

5 Best 50cc Dirt Bike for Kids

Remember to check out how much your motorbike insurance will cost before you start planning your purchase. One of the most talked about 50cc bikes on the market, the Aprilia SX50 is a tasty little supermoto offering six gears with a two-stroke engine. The SX50 has been in production since so Aprilia have been doing something right to keep manufacturing this bike.

This bike also offers a six-speed manual gearbox. If you have cash to splash this is a great option.

55cc bike motor

The Senda Racing 50 is one of a handful of Senda 50cc bikes holding their own in this category, along with the Senda X-Treme This bike offers a lightweight frame with a two-stroke engine and alloy cylinder.

With a digital display for the gears, luggage rack and boasting a comfortable riding position, it appears that everything has been considered for the Lexmoto Aspire 50 E4. This four-stroke motorbike looks anything but a scooter. The Sherco SM 50 is a nippy little number — and even faster if you derestrict further down the line. Sherco has poured in its knowledge from international competitions into all the bikes in their range, including those in the 50cc bracket.

The lithium battery takes 7. With the four-stroke WK Colt, it prides itself on being easy to ride and designed with a digital gear display and comfortable riding position. As well as the standard model the Beta RR 2T 50 comes in Sport and Enduro designs with fuel-oil mixer, single-key security system ignition, plus steering lock and fuel cap. However, this vehicle and all the above motorcycles are much cheaper secondhand. The variety of bikes available come in at very different prices, so knowing your budget and what you can afford is a good starting point.

How many tests you want to complete could also affect the choice of bike. If you complete a theory and practical test you could ride a 50cc below 4kW bike, tricycle or light quadricycle weighing under kg. Checking out how much the insurance will cost is also a factor. Even if you can scrape together enough for the Aprilia, can you afford the insurance and excess should an accident happen? Will you use it for riding to work or college, or is this a fun weekend hobby to use every now and then?

Trying out the different models is a great idea, as even though you may be thinking you want a road-legal dirt bike, are you actually more comfortable on the more sporty frames? There are only a few exclusions with this. You can ride a 50cc motorbike without a CBT if you However, even at the basic stage you cannot continue to ride a 50cc bike forever.

You would need to either complete another CBT or pass further motorbike tests within two years, including your theory test.

There are also rules about pillion passengers and riding on a motorway. It is the perfect option for starting your adventure with bikes. Which 50cc bike is cheapest to insure for year-olds? Aprilia SX50 One of the most talked about 50cc bikes on the market, the Aprilia SX50 is a tasty little supermoto offering six gears with a two-stroke engine. Lexmoto Aspire 50 E4 With a digital display for the gears, luggage rack and boasting a comfortable riding position, it appears that everything has been considered for the Lexmoto Aspire 50 E4.

Things to consider before buying 50cc motorbike The variety of bikes available come in at very different prices, so knowing your budget and what you can afford is a good starting point.

Can I ride a 50cc bike without passing Compulsory Basic Training? The short answer is probably not. How fast is a 50cc bike?Introductions: This 50cc Petrol Gas Engine Kit is used to upgrade the regular bike to a motorizedbike.

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After converting your bike, you can ride faster and further buteasily, and then just enjoy your outdoor trip. Of course, if you want to ride just with your feet, just stop your petrol gas engine, and use the original equipment of your bike. This engine kit fits most 24" or 26" bikes with V-frame.

Features: 1. A complete engine kit for converting your bike 2. Heavy duty metal engine body for added durability 3. Super fuel-efficient, only consuming 2.

55cc bike motor

Comes with all needed hardware for easy installation 6. Fit for most type 24" and 26" bikes, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, choppers. Specifications: 1. Power: 3. Compression Ratio: Fit for most type 24" and 26" bikes, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, choppers Specifications: 1.

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Please allow 5 business days for delivery to US destinations on any eBay orders and 14 business days for delivery to any International destinations.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. These city runabouts are cheap to buy on eBay, cheap to maintain, cheap to run, and can provide up to miles per gallon of fuel or more, making it a very common choice among teenagers aged 16 and over.

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As such, the less emission-efficient carburettors are used as a low-cost alternative to fuel injection to help keep prices low. In addition to its low cost, carburettors are also extremely simple and reliable with a robust build that can be repaired easily with a low level of knowledge and simple tools.

Compared with fuel injection engines, carburettors are easy to run and help keep maintenance costs affordable. Those that are 17 years old or older and have an A1 endorsement, however, can ride up to cc motorcycles. Although the 50cc motorcycle is road legal in rural areas and cities, it is forbidden to ride them on motorways as they are too slow to keep up with traffic. Using the country roads are much safer and provide a scenic route to your next destination. Although 50cc motorcycles typically do not break the bank even when brand new, there are still great reasons on why you should consider a used 50cc motorcycle.

They include:. Skip to main content. Shop by category. More View more categories Less View less categories. Type see all. Super Sport. Motorcross off-road. Vehicle Type see all. Not specified. Manufacturer see all. Model Year see all. Colour see all. Start Type see all. Drive Type see all. Model see all. Additional Information see all.With that said, how do you choose a good bike from the plethora of options available on the market?

50cc Bikes for Sale

Well, we think that we have a few decent options to offer. If you have the budget and want a high-quality and high-performance dirt bike for your kidthen this one may be a great choice. KTM boasts that this dirt bike is produced from top-quality components, just like adult bikes. Well, the appearance of this bike alone is pretty telling of the quality. This little guy is powered by a liquid-cooled 49cc 1-cylinder 2-stroke engine. The cylinder has a bore of Since the engine is 2-stroke, this dirt bike is going to be pretty good when it comes to acceleration and power.

With that said, it may be a little difficult for inexperienced kids to tame, which is important to keep in mind. The suspension here is also excellent — the front inverted fork has a whopping 8 inches of travel, while the rear shock absorber boasts around 5.

This is much more than what you are going to see in many other 50cc dirt bikes out there. Not only that, but the front and rear suspension here are both fully adjustable, which is great if your kid is looking for optimum performance in their dirt bike. Remarkably, this dirt bike also has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, so its braking performance should be excellent. The last thing to mention about this dirt bike is its short frame which makes the 50 SX MINI particularly good for younger kids.

As such, the core features in the two dirt bikes are the same, with the key difference between the models being the taller stature of this bike.

And due to the taller frame, the KTM 50 SX is a better option for older and taller kids, even though both 50 SX dirt bikes are advertised for kids aged from 4 to The technical specs in the 50 SX are exactly the same — you have the same 49cc 2-stroke engine with a single cylinder The CRF50F dirt bike also boasts a three-speed transmission.

The This is a pretty high compression ratio, and what it basically means is that this dirt bike is going to be quite fuel-efficient. The suspension here is solid, with 3. This is a great dirt bike for kids, and it has plenty of interesting features that make it a great buy for the money.

The cylinder here is slightly different as well with its 40mm bore and The PW50 dirt bike has shorter 2. Add to this the shallower ground clearance of 3.

The last thing to keep in mind with this dirt bike is its low 6. On one hand, you may use less expensive low-octane fuel to power this thing.

The cylinder here is quite different though — it has a smaller 36mm bore and longer On the other hand, the smaller bore is going to tone down the fuel consumption of this dirt bike a bit, as well as reduce its power. Overall, what this implies is that this dirt bike is going to be better at lower ranges.

In other words, this bike should be better at overcoming obstacles and steep inclines.

Fast n loud Motorized Gas Bike - DLE 55cc 5 Hp Rc airplane engine on a homebuilt gas bike conversion

The compression ratio here is pretty high — 9. As we already know, such a high compression ratio implies better fuel efficiency, but you will need to use more expensive high-octane fuel. The suspension travel here is decent — 3. Paired with a max ground clearance of 5. One feature that should also be noted in the TT-R50E dirt bike is its electric starter.

This feature allows you to start up the dirt bike with a push of a button. One thing you may dislike about this dirt bike is its weight of pounds. At the base level, the two bikes are similar. Namely, they both have air-cooled 4-stroke engines, and the compression ratio of this bike is pretty close to that of the TTRE — 9.